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The mandate for all to buy insurance appears to be unpopular in North Carolina. A survey taken a year ago by American Insights Inc., a Raleigh research firm that primarily focuses on faith and culture, found that half of North Carolina voters it polled said the rollout of the ACA had given them less confidence in government, while only 19% said more confidence. Read more…Read More
But then there are those Christian groups that prophesize complications for Exodus. Faith Driven Consumer responded to the casting of young British actor Issac Andrews — who the NY Times called “Children of the Corn terrifying” — “as a deal breaker, likely to have significant impact on the box office returns of Exodus.” Last spring, the org’s sister stat firm American Insights published a survey stating that 73% of all adults would be likely to see Exodus if it accurately portrays the biblical account of Moses leading the Jewish peopleRead More
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Pearce Godwin, director of Raleigh-based, conservative-leaning American Insights, said polling this year failed to predict the wave that swept Democrats out of office at all levels across the country. “With survey response rates in the single digits and 41 percent of Americans now cellphone only, gaining a representative sample and accurate data on a population is an increasingly steep challenge for pollsters in all industries,” he said in an email. Read more…Read More
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Pearce Godwin, director of the Raleigh-based American Insights polling firm, reviewed the exit polls in conjunction with his own trend chart of pre-election polling and came up with some additional observations: • About two-thirds of undecided voters broke for Tillis at the last minute. • Tillis won native North Carolinians 53 percent to 41 percent. Hagan won the vote of those who moved here, 51 percent to 46 percent. A little more than half of those surveyed were natives. Read more…Read More
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But – as the Hollywood Reporter points out – Peter Chattaway at is troubled by the very idea Bale “speculates about what was going on inside Moses’ head”. Meanwhile, Faith Driven Consumer has commissioned a poll which appears to show that 74% of Americans would be likely to see the film if it was biblically accurate, but 68% would be unlikely to watch it were it inaccurate. Read more…Read More
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Chris Stone, the founder of Faith Driven Consumer, said he was surprised by Bale’s description of Moses, reports The Hollywood Reporter. ‘There’s nothing in the biblical history that supports that,’ he said. ‘It’s an indication that there will be a tremendous disconnect between Bale’s interpretation and the expectations of the market.’ His organization, which previously campaigned for Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson following the show’s suspension, conducted a poll about Exodus. The poll found that 74 percent of Americans were likely to see the film if it was biblically accurateRead More
“Our research shows that accuracy is a key to attracting people of faith,” said certified brand strategist Chris Stone, founder of Faith Driven Global and Faith Driven Consumer. “Biblical accuracy and compatibility with the story they know and why that story exists is very important. Any time you stray from that, you limit and narrow your audience. “And if you narrow your audience by eliminating a large group of people inherently interested in your story,” Stone told WND, “it’s going to affect your result.” In fact, according to polling doneRead More
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Faith Driven Consumer, an organization that raised a stink just prior to the opening of Noah, also is disturbed by Bale’s remarks, though founder Chris Stone has yet to pass them along to the group’s followers, which he says numbers in millions via email lists and social media. The group is also famous for organizing a campaign to keep Duck Dynasty on the air after star Phil Robertson made disparaging remarks about homosexuality, and now it has conducted a scientific poll about Exodus that the organization shared with Scott Free Prods. The poll indicated that 74 percent of Americans wereRead More
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As TheBlaze previously reported, Faith Driven Consumer conducted a scientific poll about “Exodus” that found 73 percent of all American adults would be likely to see “Exodus” if it “accurately portrays the biblical account of Moses leading the Jewish people out of captivity.” But it also found that 67 percent of all American adults would be unlikely to see the movie if it doesn’t accurately portray the Bible. “It’s our sincerest hope that this movie resonates with our community, so we sent them the results of our poll,” Stone toldRead More
The Elon Poll of registered voters from September finds that supporters are slightly more prevalent than opponents, 45 percent versus 43 percent, although the opinion gap is statistically indistinguishable at high levels of confidence. Likewise, the American Insights Poll conducted at the same time found registered voters were evenly divided, 46 percent vs 46 percent. Among likely voters, opponents were more frequent, 48% vs. 44%. I have not seen a poll on the same topic with a representative sample of adults in North Carolina, though I would guess it wouldRead More