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The Blaze: After ‘Exodus’ Lead Actor Calls Moses ‘Schizophrenic’ and ‘Barbaric,’ Doubts Loom About Movie’s Biblical Message

As TheBlaze previously reported, Faith Driven Consumer conducted a scientific poll about “Exodus” that found 73 percent of all American adults would be likely to see “Exodus” if it “accurately portrays the biblical account of Moses leading the Jewish people out of captivity.” But it also found that 67 percent of all American adults would be unlikely to see the movie if it doesn’t accurately portray the Bible.

“It’s our sincerest hope that this movie resonates with our community, so we sent them the results of our poll,” Stone told the Hollywood Reporter. “Their response was, ‘we don’t need to have any further conversation.’”

The Hollywood Reporter said 20th Century Fox declined to comment on the matter.

More from the Hollywood Reporter:

Just before Noah opened, Stone’s group sent missives to Christians nationwide that the movie “appears to have replaced the Bible’s central point of God’s judgment on man’s inherent sin with a story focused on a contemporary environmental theme.” Because of the controversy that swirled around Noah, Stone said he was surprised to see that Bale called Moses “schizophrenic” and “barbaric” ahead of the film’s opening on Dec. 12.

“There’s nothing in the biblical history that supports that,” Stone said. “It’s an indication that there will be a tremendous disconnect between Bale’s interpretation and the expectations of the market.”

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