Opinion Polling


American Insights’ illuminating public polling is designed to gain intelligence around a target audience in order to better communicate and connect. We reveal the true sentiments of Americans surrounding the most salient issues of the day, especially around faith and culture, in order to enlighten citizens and leaders. We ask questions that haven’t been answered, striving for greater depth of understanding and penetrating insights for our clients.

Survey Research

GRAPH 6Market intelligence is integral to business success.  The deeper your understanding of customers and stakeholders, the better able you’ll be to meet your goals and advance your company.

American Insights’ survey research includes both quantitative and qualitative empirical methods tailored to business clients to discover how consumers think, feel and make decisions. The market insights derived will serve as the cornerstone of your more effective outreach campaigns. Whether developing a new marketing strategy or testing a new product concept, our research will equip you with the insights you need to increase conversions and effectively message your audience, optimizing ROI.

We leverage a variety of traditional and cutting edge intelligence gathering methods including:

  • Landline and cellphone surveys
  • Online survey panels
  • Social media surveys and audience listening
  • In-person focus groups
  • Ethnographic research reports

GRAPH 2The modern American citizen is bombarded daily with messages and advertisements courtesy of the multitude of brands hoping to gain even the slightest fraction of a person’s attention. With the constant flow and clutter of information – someone in a city is exposed to as many as 5,000 ads a day – the battle to win the attention of consumers grows fiercer every day.

American Insights’ microtargeting is designed to help you break through and successfully reach the individuals who matter most to achieving your goals.  Microtargeting allows you to tailor messaging to precise segments to best resonate with them as individuals – based on personal interests, passions and priorities – maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of outreach.

With finely tuned microtargeted messaging, delivered through the most effective mediums, we will connect with consumers and motivate them to action for your brand or organization as you watch your return on investment climb.

Insight Consulting


“You don’t know, what you don’t know,” so we define the knowledge gaps and help you discover the truths that could make all the difference for your business or organization.

American Insights’ consulting is a process of not only discovering and revealing deep insights into your target audiences but guiding you in converting that knowledge into action and reaping a tangible reward. Data is just data until you do something with it, which is why our focus is on actionable insights.

We believe that working together in the execution of fresh insights is the best way to realize your maximum potential and ensure the greatest value of your investment.