GRAPH 1American Insights is a national research firm that discovers and reveals the opinions and motivations of Americans through survey research and microtargeting, yielding actionable insights for our clients and the general public. American Insights focuses its unique and innovative research primarily around faith and culture.

Through opinion polling and survey research, we gain intelligence around a target audience in order to better communicate and connect.  We deploy messages through microtargeting, which allows you to tailor messaging to precise segments to best resonate with them as individuals, maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of outreach.

Leveraging our research driven insights, we will connect with your target audience and motivate them to action for your brand or organization.

American Insights delivers deep and diverse experience in marketing at the national level, including for presidential campaigns, along with extensive experience in quantitative market analysis, message development and survey research for major consumer brands.  We offer high quality, cutting edge methodologies customized to diverse markets, and provide a multitude of actionable insights, because it’s about more than numbers.