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The film’s success may depend on just how close it comes to the Bible. Listen as K-LOVE’s Billie Branham shares if Americans will see the movie if it strays. (American Insights) Listen to K-Love news story on American Insights surveyRead More
The Blaze
With “Exodus: Gods and Kings” set to hit theaters December 12, many are wondering whether the biblical epic will resonate with faith-based audiences. New research released today by Faith Driven Consumer, a group that analyzes the consumer habits and behaviors of American Christians, indicates that there’s a key issue that could make or break the film: how closely its plot sticks to the Bible. According to polling data, 73 percent of Americans are likely to watch “Exodus” if it is seen as biblically accurate. That said, if the plot isn’t alignedRead More
Charlotte Observer
In 2012, North Carolina voters approved the constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage by a 22-point margin. A recent survey by Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling found the gap shrinking, with 40 percent of voters favoring legalized gay marriage and 53 percent opposing it. A poll last month by the conservative American Insights found a smaller gap, with 48 percent of likely North Carolina voters opposing same-sex marriage and 44 percent supporting it. The result was within the poll’s 4.6-point margin of sampling error. Michael Bitzer, a political scientist at Catawba College,Read More
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A poll by American Insights on Sept. 22 found that 95 percent of faith-driven voters in the state believe they have a responsibility to vote, but only 26 percent say Hagan represents them well and 38 percent believe that Tillis does. A faith-driven voter is defined as a voter who identifies as a Christian and say that their faith significantly influences their voting decisions. “I don’t think it’s too late in the game. As a third of the North Carolina electorate, there are surely more than enough faith-driven voters to swing the SenateRead More
Clay Aiken has worked for months to use the voice that launched an entertainment career to help him make it to Congress. As the Cary Democrat attempts to unseat two-term Republican Rep. Renee Ellmers, some political analysts question whether Aiken’s star power can translate into political capital. The race has gained some attention for its entertainer-turned-politician narrative but has been largely ignored by polling organizations and other politicos… “I think you do have the Senate race taking a lot of the oxygen,” said Pearce Godwin, director of the polling organizationRead More
National Journal
So it came as no surprise last week when Sen. Kay Hagan began poor-mouthing the state of play to her Democratic base in North Carolina. A solicitation from her camp declared her race with Republican Thom Tillis to be a “toss up.” Her source for that assertion? A month-old analysis of polling trends from a newbie North Carolina pollster, American Insights. But it conveniently ignored a more recent actual field poll by the same pollster that showed Hagan with a commanding 9-point lead over Tillis. “There’s been an unmistakable shiftRead More
Sometimes I see reported survey results that need to be taken with a grain of salt. A recent poll by American Insights of registered voters in North Carolina, for example, asked respondents whether control of the U.S. Senate influenced their vote choice in the Senate race in North Carolina. More specifically, respondents were asked, “Will the issue of which party controls the U.S. Senate be a factor in your vote, or not?” A surprisingly high percentage, 62 percent of respondents, said that control of the Senate was a factor forRead More
In the more right-leaning poll by American Insights has Hagan’s lead by 9-points–and the first recent poll showing her leading with male voters. Then again, when it comes to the role of government, North Carolina is still conservative: Our new American Insights data show that North Carolina voters remain fundamentally conservative regarding the role of government, with 51% saying it is doing too much and only 38% wishing government would do more. Meanwhile, nearly two-thirds of voters (64%) say they care more about economic issues than social issues (26%). Read more…    Read More
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U.S. Senate candidates Thom Tillis and Kay Hagan’s campaign efforts might be ignoring a key voting bloc: Christian voters. That’s according to a poll released by American Insights, which found a majority of faith-driven voters do not feel as though they connect with either candidate. The Raleigh-based conservative polling firm defined faith driven voters as Christians who use their religion as a major factor in their voting decisions. Among American Insight’s sample of 600 registered voters, 66 percent identified themselves as Christian, either Protestant or Catholic. Fifty percent of Christians,Read More
Two new polls in North Carolina indicate growing support for the freedom to marry, although one of the sources may not be completely impartial. The first survey comes from Elon University, and shows support at a statistical tie: 45 percent of North Carolina residents polled in favor of marriage equality, 43 percent opposed. Although other surveys have shown support at even higher levels, this is the first time that Elon has measured support for marriage equality above opposition. Historically, Elon’s numbers have shown some fluctuation: a survey in June ofRead More