NC Legislative Ballot

New AI Poll: NC Republicans and Democrats Tied on Legislative Ballot

American Insights’ recent statewide poll of 611 North Carolina registered voters finds that the net result of new Republican policies and subsequent protests is a state evenly divided.  The NC state legislative ballot shows Republicans and Democrats exactly tied at 41% with 30% definitely voting Republican and 26% definitely Democrat.

Republicans lead the legislative ballot among Independents 38% to 28%, while Republicans earn the vote of 93% of their base to the Democrats’ 85% of theirs. The support of male and female voters almost equally diverges with men supporting Republican legislative candidates 44% to 38% while women support the Democratic candidates 44%-39%. The younger voters (18-34) strongly favor Democratic candidates, by 23 points (50%-27%), while the older voters (65+) anticipate voting Republican by 22 points (55%-33%).  Voters 35-49 are dead even at 42%, while those 50-64 opt for Republicans 44% to 39%.

When asked their views on the direction of the state, 34% believe North Carolina is headed in the right direction, but 48% of voters see the state as off on the wrong track. Independents say wrong track by 17 points (32%-49%) and Democrats by 38 points (24%-62%) while Republicans are optimistic with a majority seeing North Carolina headed in the right direction (52%-29%). A majority of women view NC as off on the wrong track (51%-32%). The youngest (18-34) and oldest (65+) are evenly split on the direction of the state (44%-46% and 38%-37% respectively), but the middle two age groups are significantly more pessimistic as those in the 35-49 age range report wrong track by 32 points (29%-61%) and voters aged 50-64 agree by 23 points (27%-50%).

We asked voters if they felt more or less confident in their economic future today than they did two years ago. 46% feel less confident in their economic future, compared with 26% who feel more confident. Democrats and younger voters (18-34) are the most optimistic at 38% and 40% more confident respectively. Republicans claim to be less confident 61% to 18%, while Independents are less confident 48% to 23%. While a full 50% of women are less confident, compared to 22% more confident, 42% of men are less confident versus 31% more confident. All age groups except the youngest (18-34), are less confident by margins of 27 to 29 points.  Voters 18 to 34 are more evenly divided at 40% more confident to 43% less confident.

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