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NEW POLL: Tillis Supporters 50% More Likely to Cite Foreign Affairs as Most Important Issue; Hagan Supporters 57% More Likely to Cite Economy NC State students at Pack Poll team up with American Insights to analyze open-ended important issue responses from North Carolina voters, find telling discrepancies between senate candidates’ support bases; NC remains conservative on role of government Our new American Insights data show that North Carolina voters remain fundamentally conservative regarding the role of government, with 51% saying it is doing too much and only 38% wishing government wouldRead More
AI WB Political Polling
McCrory Approval +3 at 43-40; Governor Leads Cooper by 2    (40-38); Obama 6 Points Under Water Our new American Insights poll shows that Governor McCrory is narrowly in positive approval territory with North Carolina registered voters at 43% approval to 40% disapproval. 16% strongly approve of the job McCrory is doing as Governor, while 27% strongly disapprove. Looking ahead to his likely 2016 matchup with Attorney General Roy Cooper, McCrory currently holds a slim, two-point lead at 40% to 38%. Intensity of support is roughly equivalent as 29% of voters wouldRead More
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Likely Voters oppose same-sex marriage 48-44, Registered Voters tied at 46; 62% say voters, not courts, should decide marriage law; Oppose AG Roy Cooper’s decision to not defend Amendment One 46-41 Our new American Insights poll shows that North Carolina voters remain divided on the issue of same-sex marriage, with registered voters exactly tied on the question while likely voters oppose redefining marriage by 4 points, 48-44. At the same time, North Carolina registered voters overwhelmingly believe that they, not courts, should decide the issue, 62-26. Voters oppose (46-41) Attorney GeneralRead More
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39% of likely voters watched Hagan-Tillis debate, judged Hagan the winner by a 54% to 33% margin; 79% of likely voters have seen or heard political ads, but only 21% say ads influenced their opinion; 68% say that control of US Senate a factor in voting decision Our new American Insights poll shows Senator Kay Hagan with a 9-point lead, at 43-34, among Likely Voters. She leads among men, women and Independents. NC House Speaker Thom Tillis leads both among white voters and native North Carolinians. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of votersRead More
Pearce Godwin
American Insights Director Pearce Godwin appeared on Time Warner Cable’s statewide political show Capital Tonight on April 16, 2014 to discuss the upcoming Republican Senate primary in North Carolina.Read More
Raleigh Mainstreet
An AI Signature Survey of over 600 registered voters in North Carolina reveals that 67% favor the use of incentives to attract out-of-state companies to the Tarheel state, particularly in high unemployment areas. Republicans, Democrats and Independents are in favor of the incentives idea.  Republicans are most in favor of incentives with 72% in favor and 12% opposed.  Democrats (65%-19%) and Independents (64%-17%) are slightly less in favor but still offer strong majority support. Men are more supportive of the practice than women.  While more than 6 in 10 women (63%)Read More
Obama approval 6-23-2014
American Insights’ recent statewide poll of 611 North Carolina registered voters finds that they disapprove of President Obama’s job performance by a margin of 6 points (43% approve versus 49% disapprove).  38% strongly disapprove while 24% strongly approve. Independents disapprove of the job President Obama is doing by 32 points (29%-61%).  87% of Republicans disapprove with 10% approving, while 80% of Democrats approve with 13% disapproving.  Younger voters (18-34) are the only age group approving of the President, 48% to 42%.  Older voters (65+) disapprove by a 19 point marginRead More
NC Legislative Ballot
American Insights’ recent statewide poll of 611 North Carolina registered voters finds that the net result of new Republican policies and subsequent protests is a state evenly divided.  The NC state legislative ballot shows Republicans and Democrats exactly tied at 41% with 30% definitely voting Republican and 26% definitely Democrat. Republicans lead the legislative ballot among Independents 38% to 28%, while Republicans earn the vote of 93% of their base to the Democrats’ 85% of theirs. The support of male and female voters almost equally diverges with men supporting RepublicanRead More
McCrory 6-23-2014
American Insights’ recent statewide poll of 611 North Carolina registered voters finds that Governor Pat McCrory enjoys a slightly positive approval rating at 43% to 40%.  19% strongly approve of his performance in office while 27% strongly disapprove. McCrory’s net approval stands at negative 2 with Independents (39%-41%), but his Republican base is better consolidated in his favor, at 70% approval, than Democrats are in disapproval, 59%.  Women are evenly divided at 41% in assessing the Governor, but men approve of the job he is doing 46% to 39%.  He earnsRead More
AIP WB Hagan Approval (3-4-2014)
  American Insights’ recent statewide poll of 611 North Carolina registered voters finds that N.C. Senator Kay Hagan slightly leads all potential match-ups with leading Republican challengers.  Hagan holds a 3 point lead on Thom Tillis, 38% to 35%.  She also holds a 4 point lead on Mark Harris, 39% to 35%, and a 2 point advantage over Greg Brannon, 38% to 36%.  Each of these leads is within the poll’s 4 point margin of error. In analyzing the relative performance of the three GOP challengers against the Senator, weRead More