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Daily Haymaker: #NCSEN: Poll shows GOP primary, November general both still wide open

An American Insights poll, taken earlier this month, of 611 registered North Carolina voters finds a tight GOP primary and close general election in the state’s US Senate race.

(If you haven’t heard of American Insights, you’re not alone. The lefties at The Daily Kos are a bit perplexed, as well.)

The survey, conducted February 11-15, found House speaker Thom Tillis leading the GOP primary field with 11 percent, followed by Mark Harris with 7 percent, Greg Brannon with 4 percent, and Heather Grant with 4 percent.

A whopping 55 percent of respondents remained undecided. The margin of error  was +/- 7.6  percent for the primary survey (an outrageously high one that raises questions about the poll’s integrity), with a total of 168 self-identified Republicans participating.

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