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News & Observer: Poll finds Christians feel disconnect with Senate candidates Tillis, Hagan

U.S. Senate candidates Thom Tillis and Kay Hagan’s campaign efforts might be ignoring a key voting bloc: Christian voters.

That’s according to a poll released by American Insights, which found a majority of faith-driven voters do not feel as though they connect with either candidate.

The Raleigh-based conservative polling firm defined faith driven voters as Christians who use their religion as a major factor in their voting decisions.

Among American Insight’s sample of 600 registered voters, 66 percent identified themselves as Christian, either Protestant or Catholic. Fifty percent of Christians, or one-third of all voters polled, self-identified as faith-driven voters.

“This powerful voting bloc appears to be up for grabs; there are more than enough disaffected faith-driven voters to swing the North Carolina Senate race to the candidate who is best able to genuinely connect with them,” said American Insights Director Pearce Godwin in a press release Monday.