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New AI Poll: NC Voters Want Business Experience in Senator

American Insights’ recent statewide poll of 611 North Carolina registered voters finds that in considering candidates for U.S. Senate, voters prefer one with a professional background in Business.  23% of voters opted for Business with a Faith-Based professional background being the second most popular in a candidate at 14%.  A Finance background polled very closely behind Faith-Based, also at 14%.  13% of voters prefer a background in Health Care while 9% are partial to Law and only 7% most prefer a professional background in Government.

Business was the most preferred professional background in a U.S. Senate candidate for voters across all party and age groups, except for Democrats who placed a background in Health Care (17%) slightly ahead of Business (16%).  Republicans as well as voters age 35 to 64 prefer a Faith-Based background second only to Business.  Independents place Finance (15%) behind Business (25%) and slightly ahead of Faith-Based (14%).

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