Fayetteville Observer: Polling in U.S. Senate race shows Hagan, Tillis locked in a tie

The latest surveys indicate Republican challenger Thom Tillis has closed the gap in his race to unseat incumbent Demcoratic Sen. Kay Hagan, and they now are tied.

“It’s deadlocked and holds the key to control of the U.S. Senate,” said Pearce Godwin of pollster American Insights in Raleigh. Godwin also uses phrases such as “jump ball” and “margin-of-error-type race” to describe the contest.

 The election has drawn vast attention and sums of campaign ad money as it is one of seven Democrat-held Senate seats across the country that Republicans think they can win in November in order to gain control of the chamber.

A trend analysis, which aggregates and crunches recent polling numbers, puts the race at 42-42 as of Thursday evening, Godwin said.

That adds up to 84 percent of the electorate. The rest are a mix of undecided voters or those who say they support Sean Haugh, a Libertarian who has been polling at 5 percent to 8 percent in recent surveys.

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