Daily Kos: Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: The Democrat that Democrats have to stop

NC-Sen: A firm we hadn’t previously heard of called American Insights has a quirky new North Carolina poll with tons of undecideds. The firm finds Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan edging all of her Republican challengers by similar margins, with a 38-35 lead over Thom Tillis; 39-35 over Mark Harris; and 38-36 over Greg Brannon. Spread-wise, those are actually slightly better results for Hagan than PPP’s recently seen, but the large number of voters without any preference makes this data less helpful.

One interesting thing about this survey, though, is that American Insights not only reached both landline and cellphone users, but they also conducted an online panel. That’s something we haven’t seen before, but perhaps this triple-barreled approach will grow in popularity.

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