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Faith Driven Consumers want positive and constructive engagement—a ‘buycott’—with brands that reflect their values over the negativity of boycotting brands that are not faith-compatible. Even as experts continue to debate their effectiveness, consumer boycotts are relatively common in our American culture that places a high value the expression of individual and community viewpoints. If nothing else, boycotts are often successful at grabbing headlines. Some recent widely publicized boycotts—with mixed or even counterproductive results from the perspective of the organizers—include those of Ford Motor Company by Christian activists, Chick-fil-A by LGBTRead More
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In the always-competitive world of business, brands increasingly are turning to niche marketing—tailoring messaging to specific subsets of the population—to gain an edge. Popular target markets span the range from smaller subsets such as racial minorities and the LGBT community, to large demographics such as seniors and married mothers with children. One major niche market that brands have yet to substantially tap is the Faith Driven Consumer segment. This economically powerful and rapidly emerging subset of the Christian market represents 41 million U.S. adults with $2 trillion in annual buyingRead More
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A Brand’s Compatibility With the Christian Worldview is a Key Decision Point for Faith Driven Consumers Recently, we unveiled the latest round of research demonstrating that Faith Driven Consumers are more likely to engage with brands that respect their values. Here, we delve into several data points that show specific examples of how Faith Driven Consumers are eager to change their purchasing decisions based on a brand’s faith compatibility. These findings are drawn from a comprehensive national survey conducted by American Insights for Faith Driven Consumer that quantifies and qualifiesRead More
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Hint:  It’s all about faith compatibility Consumers expect more from brands than ever before—and a key element of these expectations is that brands will reflect and respect their values. This round of data from our national survey of Faith Driven Consumers shows what this market segment seeks—and expects—from brands. This faith-driven cohort, representing 41 million U.S. adults who spend $2 trillion annually, is a lucrative but largely untapped demographic, one far more likely to make spending decisions according to a biblical worldview. Our survey data shows that Faith Driven Consumers care aboutRead More
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American Insights Survey Data Show That Faith Driven Consumers Put Their Finances Where Their Faith Is A key goal for any brand is analyzing customer behavior—what motivates consumers in their purchasing decisions. Equally important, what steers them away from a purchase. American Insights offers a rich well of survey data to draw insights from regarding Faith Driven Consumers, a growing but largely untapped niche market that represents 17% of the U.S. adult population—more than 41 million people—who spend $2 trillion annually. Our in-depth national survey gives brands a valuable snapshot of those whoRead More
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Who are Faith Driven Consumers?

Racially and Politically Diverse, Faith Driven Consumers Are a Powerful Buying Force in America Faith Driven Consumers have emerged as a purchasing powerhouse in recent years. Now, we have new data that shows exactly who makes up this “faith-driven” cohort of consumers and what they want from brands. Conducted by American Insights for Faith Driven Consumer, this comprehensive national survey qualifies and quantifies Faith Driven Consumers, a rapidly emerging and economically potent subset of the Christian community. These consumers represent 17% of the U.S. adult population—more than 41 million people—who spendRead More