Advocate As Support for North Carolina’s Equal Marriage Grows, Voters Want to Weigh in

Two new polls in North Carolina indicate growing support for the freedom to marry, although one of the sources may not be completely impartial.

The first survey comes from Elon University, and shows support at a statistical tie: 45 percent of North Carolina residents polled in favor of marriage equality, 43 percent opposed.

Although other surveys have shown support at even higher levels, this is the first time that Elon has measured support for marriage equality above opposition. Historically, Elon’s numbers have shown some fluctuation: a survey in June of 2014 put support between 41 to 46 percent; in March of 2014, Elon found support for equal marriage between 40 and 51 percent; and in April of 2013, support wavered between 44 to 45 percent.

A second survey shows that voters would prefer that the issue go to the ballot, rather than to court, though that poll notably comes from GOP-led firm American Insights. In a summary of its findings, American Insights repeatedly uses the term “redefining marriage,” and describes opposite-sex couplings as “traditional marriages.”

According to the AI survey, 62 percent of “North Carolina registered voters … believe that they, not courts, should decide the issue.” Voter support for settling the issue through the courts is at just 26 percent.

In addition, AI shows 44 percent of likely voters support marriage equality, with 48 percent opposed.

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